American artists have historically viewed this land from the perspectives of explorer, conqueror, and pioneer, but I see myself as part of nature, and try to invite the viewer to a similar place. My personal connection to plants reaches back to childhood days spent in my family’s greenhouse business, where I was energized by living colors amid a community of growers. Today, my home is in the heart of the tallgrass prairie, surrounded by plant life in its most diverse habitat. 

I usually paint in a series, where each piece informs the others. I observe the individual plants close-up as they grow sunwards, often leading to a vertically oriented canvas. This is a departure from the traditional horizontal or “landscape” format, allowing me to emphasize the personal over the grandiose. I question the nature of things and listen for answers. The resulting work may lean toward realism or abstraction, depending on where that conversation leads.

“Do not try to paint the grandiose thing; paint the commonplace so that it will be distinguished.”   ―William Merritt Chase